Monday, October 5, 2009

How to Fail a Test with Dignity

Holly sent these over to me, and I had to post them.

I wish I had been this lucid during my tests in high school. There were definitely some questions I knew I was going to get wrong, and it would have been more fun to go down in a blaze of glory like these people.

Disclaimer: If you don't like seeing the "B" word written out, I wouldn't recommend scrolling down to the last image. If you can handle it, though, it's hilarious.


Shorty said...

Hilarious! I must teach my son how to be clever in times of brain-drain. At least he could take a bit of the stress of 'not knowing' out of the situation. Wouldn't you agree?

Nathan said...

Exactly. Tests might have been a little more fun for me if I'd been able to shrug off not knowing the answer.

Granted, knowing the answer is better, but sometimes I just didn't have the information in my head.

Carrie said...

Your blog keeps me laughing. Hope you don't mind, but I showed it to my brother today. He was laughing so hard at the one about your dad taking the Christmas gifts around in the Civic.

P.S. Next time you guys make HT assignments, we want you back. :)

Nathan said...

No worries. It's nice to know the stuff I post is funny to others and not just in my own head.

I'll put in a good word for myself the next time we make home teaching changes. :)