Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Office Outtakes

For those of you who missed the predecessor to Office Outtakes (Cult Chronicles) go here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

These stories are about a specific coworker I used to have. She was a sweet girl, but she ... (how do I put this?) ... didn't have a verbal filter. For other Office Outtakes, go here and here.

Here's another one:

The Hershey's Nuggets Debacle

In my office, if candy is in a dish on your desk, it is fair game. Everyone knows it's a silent tactic to coax people into your cubicle to chat. Well, one of my coworkers, we'll call her Syndee (not Cindy), wanted to make sure everyone knew her Hershey's Nuggets were there for the taking.

About every three hours, I'd hear her get up and start making the rounds, offering everyone a Hershey's Nugget from her jar.

"Do you want a Nugget?"

"Do you want a Nugget?"

I thought this was nice, continually offering something I love (chocolate) and giving me a chance to enjoy my favorite pastime (eating).

And then, Syndee went on vacation and made a big mistake. She left her jar of Nuggets just sitting on her desk. Doing that is like throwing a raw steak into a pond of piranhas.

When Syndee got back, she found her jar scoured clean of all traces of chocolate.

That's when the "poop" hit the proverbial fan.

Everyone in our section of the office got a lovely email from Syndee explaining her shock and chagrin at finding an empty treat jar. She detailed how much she has to pay for a bag of Nuggets and even did the math for us, showing how much we were eating into her salary with each Nugget we took from her. She concluded by asking the Nugget thieves to contribute the amount of money they owed so she could replenish her stash.

Ironically, the next day, I was sitting at my desk when I heard the familiar:

"Do you want a Nugget?"

"Do you want a Nugget?"

Needless to say, I didn't accept any more Nuggets.


trublubyu said...

that is so funny!

it reminds me of a time when there was a big scrapbooking get together and one of the girls brought her special markers and told us we were welcome to use them if we wanted. we just needed to be sure to keep track of how much ink we used so we could reimburse her.

The Head Eagle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I truly appreciate the support!

You have to love goofy co-workers. Clicking back to read the rest of your co-worker stories!

Heather said...

this could totally our office! Anything on anyones desk if fair game and we even have people who will open your unlocked drawers when you have left if they know you have food somewhere!