Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going to the dogs

Yesterday, Christie over at Passion for Things that Don't Matter wrote a chilling post about the dangers of leaving your eyes open while in traffic on the freeway.

It made me want to seriously consider hiring a chauffeur with the money that normally goes to my mortgage, even if that means living out of a cardboard box.
(End Tangent)

It reminded me of a few memories I've been repressing on the same topic.

On three separate occasions, I have been an eye witness to three different human beings using trees as their own personal toilet.

(Thank goodness I only saw them from behind, and it was "Number 1" and not "Number 2.")

Okay, mock me all you want ...

"Tee Hee, Nathan still uses the potty language he learned when he was 4!"

"I wonder if he blushed in his high school health class when the anatomy section came up and the teacher used the "P" word and the "V" word."

... you're hilarious. You should take your show on the road.

Far, far away from here.
(End Tangent)

Maybe it's just my neighborhood where some fences and walls are artfully decorated with graffiti, but I thought we had achieved a higher standard of living than dogs.

I didn't realize that humans were still concerned with marking their territory (although, I am now struck by the irony of mentioning graffiti in this post and the parallels one can draw).


JMadd said...

Last time I was in LA, I decided to take my husband to the LaBrea Tarpits. While we were walking around this park, I saw 3 kids peeing on trees. And the moms were standing right there holding the kids' pants. Last time I checked, the bathroom was right there.

trublubyu said...

that is funny.

just so you know, we're all about the #1 and the #2 around here.

politicchic6 said...

For two miserable weeks my youngest brother sold Aeration (sp?) door to door. The owner would drop him and the other hapless pre missionaries off in neighborhoods and come and collect them hours later. He said in a pinch he would need to use the rest room, but that he would casually lean against a tree and try to pretend he was smoking. I told him he was fooling no one.

Christie said...

Thanks for the mention. Even though it isn't helping me repress the memory. :) Btw, I totally say #1 and #2, AND I did blush in health class when they used anatomy terms.