Thursday, February 4, 2010

Someone cool noticed me

I still remember high school. I was a nerd, and happily bucked the popularity system. However, that didn't mean I was completely immune to being shunned.

It isn't fun for anyone to feel isolated. Fortunately, I had a great group of friends, so I hardly ever noticed.

But it still felt good when one of the "cool" kids was nice to me for once.

Well, I just had the biggest flashback.

This popular blogger actually recommended people click over to this page. Had I known, I would have cleaned up a little. Maybe put a funny post up front and center. Instead, I had some lame "How To" article up about making elephant toothpaste for about 4 days.


At the risk of losing everyone who ever glances at my blog (i.e. my mom and my wife and maybe my sister), I'm going to recommend you check out Carrot Jello in all her glory.

She has a witty ramble that cracks me up every time. She's on my sidebar, but you can also go here or here or even here (just in case one link wasn't good enough).

You won't be sorry.

Just don't forget who sent you.


Carrot Jello said...

I suddenly feel like flipping my hair or something.

lizlaughs said...

Carrot keeps sending me here, so I guess I should leave a comment because your blog is really funny!

I especially liked the post about the pie you brought to the movies. Sometime when I am not on a diet I am totally going to try that.

Crissie said...

I love it when Carrot directs me to someplace, because I know it will be pretty cool. Glad I stopped by :o)