Friday, February 19, 2010

Why the military will never ask me to be a tactical expert

I have a swag (definition #3) chess board on my desk at work.

For the last few weeks, a coworker and I have been playing an EXTREMELY drawn out version of the game. Our average lag time between moves was a day and a half.

Technically, I know how the pieces move, but I lack any ability to look ahead to future moves. I just blunder around the board, knocking over pawns and getting my good pieces killed.

This game was no exception. He made me feel pretty good about myself when I took his queen, but then he used one knight (one pesky little knight) to knock out my entire army.

I was left with my king, a few pawns and one knight. Needless to say, the game was over pretty quickly after that.

So, if any 5 year olds want to make me feel better about myself by challenging me to a game, I'm up for it.

Just be sure to let me win ... but don't tell me that you did.


Michael C. Hanks said...

Nathan is a worthy foe. Maybe not a very experienced or challenging one...but worthy indeed!

trublubyu said...

nathan, you gotta find a good chess cheat site.

Shorty said...

I agree with Tru... there's got to be some good resources for you out there on the Web!

Nathan said...

Good idea! Either that, or I'll just move the pieces around in my favor. Then if he notices, I can just blame it on the cleaning crew.