Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'll never catch up to my wife

I like to think I'm a pretty sensitive guy who is in tune with my wife and does things other husbands wouldn't.

I'm a little delusional that way.

One of the few times my carefully crafted hallucination gets smashed with the wrecking ball of reality is when my wife gives me a gift.

I just recently had a birthday, and she told me a few days beforehand that I was banned from the garage while she worked on my gift.

I immediately had visions of her assembling bookshelves, which we could use, but aren't all that cool. Instead, when my day finally came, she opened the door to reveal the garage, completely organized.


I suppose to get the full impact of this, you should know that we still had boxes in there from when we moved in four years ago.

I was speechless (which, when you look at my blog title and subhead, should cause you to pray for repentance because the world is probably about to end).

Now, days later, I'm still hovering around on a cloud of contentment. Not even a Monday at work can deter me from how happy I feel.

I'd love to think I'll be able to make up for it when my wife has her birthday, but I'm a pragmatist. She will continue to wow me with her gifts and expressions of love, and I will stumble along trying not to let her out distance me too much.

In case you're curious, here are some pictures (FYI: until a few days ago, we didn't have a peg board for my tools).


Loralee and the gang... said...

Wow! Looks nice. Just don't ever say you can't find something in there, or it will never be organized by her again...or maybe that's just me. I used to organize (and reorganize) the garage every year as an anniversary gift. Then several times he complained that he couldn't find anything in there anymore, right after I'd cleaned it up. So, now the garage has been a mess for several Years now...do you think I should just forgive and forget, and clean it again> I know he will complain that he can't find things...

Shorty said...

such a great gift! your wife did a wonderful job!

trublubyu said...

what a sweet wife!!

and why did you not tell us it was your birthday? or did you and i missed it somehow? either way, happy birthday!!

Jill said...

You need before shots

Nathan said...

Hi Jill, That's probably true, but they would be scarier than Halloween and would make everyone question my ability to be an adult. :)