Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Christie just wrote a great post about her grandma and a priceless letter she received from the woman who hasn't been able to write a letter for years.

It got me thinking about a priceless gift I received from one of my wife's students.

My wife used to teach special education at an elementary school, and I would occasionally visit her class. Those kids were amazing, and I'm honored to know them.

One night my wife presented me with a rather crudely-cut rectangle of construction paper. She said it was from one of the boys in her class and that he asked her to give it to me.

This particular boy has never been able to cut in a straight line. His cerebral palsy made it impossible. And yet, in my hands was proof that he did.

Yes, there were mistake cuts and other flaws, but his lines were straight.

He has probably forgotten all about the gift, and he may not even remember me anymore, but his little rectangle of construction paper is still hanging on my cubicle wall, and I will never forget him.


krystal said...

I love that little boy!

Christie said...

That is a great story. The best part is that he wanted to give such a treasure away.

Anonymous said...

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