Friday, March 19, 2010

Kid Humor

Do you remember all those jokes people told on your elementary school playground? Looking back, most of them would have been right at home in one of those lame knock-knock joke books ... the ones where you force a laugh because your kid reading all of them is practically rolling around on the floor because they are the best things he/she has ever heard.

However, I still laugh at the little "inside" joke my friends and I liked to tell. It was hilarious to watch the confusion on their faces when we'd yell:

"Hey! Your epidermis is showing!"

They'd look all panicked and wonder what we were talking about.

Typing this all out, I'm now starting to wonder if I should be less absorbed in how funny it was and more concerned about how many psyches I damaged with my antics.

Do you have any favorite jokes you remember from your grade school days?

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