Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tea Parties and Donkey Tails

A few weeks ago, my daughter got to go to a princess tea party.

Put the word princess in front of any phrase, and my daughter will run around the house for at least 30 minutes screaming in excitement.

Princess weeding ...

Princess room cleaning ...

Even ... Princess nap.

During the party, they played "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." My daughter was #5, and all I can say is that she must take after her father.

She even peeked out from under her blindfold. Obviously, she isn't entirely clear on the point of the game.


trublubyu said...

hey, at least the tail is hanging in the right direction. i mean, look at #s 2 and 3.

Shorty said...

If this is the most that she misses then you'll be relaxed daddy. And I agree with trublubyu... she's got great form! ; )