Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This STILL gets stuck in my head

Someday, I hope to meet the person who created this commercial. It has been ingrained so deeply into my memory, that I still get it stuck in my head. But I'm a little conflicted about what will happen when we actually meet. On the one hand, I want to shake the hand of the man or woman with the skill to get so completely inside my head and the heads of many other kids. On the other, I want to zap him or her with a taser for giving me my own personal version of "This is the song that never ends ..."

Whenever my cat (who acts like I have a pound of cat treats in my pocket) follows me around the house, this song goes through my head.

It has gotten so bad that I've started calling him "Buddy."


Christie said...

My husband and I sing this song on a weekly basis. It's incredible.

politicchic6 said...

I LOVE this commercial. I find myself singing it often, even though I was never the recipient of Kid Sister, I feel that whatever marketing genius put this campaign together ought to be praised.