Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baggy Sacks

Warning to the pure and innocent: Irreverent story (even though it's hilarious).

So, this story is only good if you can see the hand gestures that go with it. Since that isn't possible, you're just goin to have to make due.

My sister has two boys. She often talks about how her body isn't quite the way it used to be, and is a little sad about the changes that have occurred. For the record, she looks great and shouldn't feel this way.

One day, she was in her room, and her son came in. He made the following gesture and then asked the question below.

Cup both hands like you would if you were begging for change or holding a little bit of water. Hold both hands in front of your chest, palms up and fingers pointing together (like you're cupping something that is definitely NOT water). See where this is going? Now with a quick jerk, move your hands down and up simultaneously. Now, when you see this symbol ($) in the question he asked, that stands for the above gesture (wow, this is even harder to explain than I thought).

Here is what he asked his mom:

"Mom, why do you have ($) baggy ($) sacks?"


JMadd said...

Bless his heart! I'm going to be very irreverant and tell you a joke that my sister in law posted on my blog. I won't feel offended if you delete it.

A 55 year old woman went to the doctor for a mamagram. After the check-up the doctor said "Maam, I just have to tell you, your breasts are those of a 20 year old". She was so happy she went home and started jumping on the bed. Her husband came in and asked her what she was doing. She told her husband what the doctor said and he replied "Yeah well what did he say about your 55 year old butt"? She said "Oh Hun, your name never came up".

hollylynn said...

hahaha, this is one of my fav stories of yours.

No Cool Story said...


For the record, she looks great and shouldn't feel this way.
Ah, and there lies one of the many mysteries of being a woman ;)