Saturday, November 22, 2008

"How To" Article of the Week

Article for this week: How to Open a Difficult Jar

When I was little, I thought my mom was He-man. She could open anything. I always hoped I could be like her when I grew up.

Fast forward a few years ...

It's a lesson in comedy to watch me try to open a jar. Have you ever seen Mr. Burns on the Simpsons?

Mr. Burns was one of my nicknames in high school. It bounced back and forth between Mr. Burns (due to my uncanny stick-like resemblance) and Ned Flanders (because I was such a goodie-two-shoes).
(End Tangent)

I love the two scenes when Mr. Burns tries to throw a bowling ball and when he tries to give Smithers "the thrashing of a lifetime." If I could have found a link, I would have posted it so you could see. That is exactly what it looks like when I try to open a jar.

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