Sunday, November 23, 2008

Do you need a tissue?

Let me get one thing straight. I can't act. I've never said I could. I can't even lie effectively. It's pathetic. I'll try to fool someone, and before I can even get the first sentence out, I hear me interrupting myself saying, "Just kidding, just kidding." That said, I'm going to talk about one of the hardest things (in my opinion) for an actor to do ... effective crying.

Usually when an actor has to be sad on the screen, they look more like they've sucked on a sour lemon. I'm not talking about mad crying. Usually a bunch of frustrated arm gestures helps make it a little more convincing. I'm talking about the sad crying, where someone is supposed to hold real still and let a tear run down their cheek and get a little lip quiver.

Since I watch entirely too many movies, I've seen a few actors who, to me, are good cryers. They do a great job at making me want to reach through the TV and ask them, "Do you want a tissue?"

Here's my list so far (in no particular order):

Jim Caviezel - High Crimes

Jensen Ackles - Supernatural (TV) (new addition that honestly surprised me)

Does anyone want to add one?


trublubyu said...

i think my husband would contest your claim that claire danes is a great crier in little women. he pretty much can't stand that scene. ask him about it sometime.

JMadd said...

Claire Danes is the worse crier EVAH! Especially in Little Women. My BFF and I like to call her "The Quivering Lip."

Nathan said...

Looks like I may have hit a nerve with my 2.5 readers. :)

Now, I'll admit, it's been years ... YEARS ... since I've seen Little Women (maybe I should be embarrassed for admitting I've seen it in the first place), so maybe I my vision was clouded with the same phenomenon that makes Barney appealing to kids or Hannah Montana desirable to pre-teens.

For your benefit, I'll remove her from the post, but please, please tell me I'm not just a horrible judge of actors with the other two. (I'm starting to think I probably am.)

Chris said...

you took down Clare Danes? what?

its funny that you posted this, because my wife and i talk about the scene all the time.

don't be shy to add it back - after all, is the best worst cry scene ever. well, uh, yes, in my humble opinion, the worst scene in a movie ever. but that is just me. i know plenty of others who like it.

BUT as for me, i want to get gooey drool in the sides of my mouth and scream, "i can be brave like you" every time i even think of the movie.

for those of you that like horror movies, here's the scene:

just cause you think she is a good crier doesn't mean i'll hold it against you. you can add it back to your blog. we can still be friends.

Mike & Beckie said...

Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire. I think he executes it well, but then again, Tom is a sissy.