Friday, November 21, 2008

Winter = FAIL

Is it bad that I'm already done with winter? The leaves have fallen off the trees, there's frost on the ground in the morning and we've had to turn the heater on. All of these signs point to the impending doom of winter.

One of the worst parts is the snow. Snow is cool for about 2 minutes if you're inside and it's falling down outside. Once you have to go out in it, shovel it or watch it turn gray then black on the side of the road, it loses all it's charm for me.

I thought that exposure to it would at least get me used to it and help me give in. It hasn't. I'll just have to buckle down for the long haul and keep looking at pictures like this:


Talullah said...

Ahhh...the warm Island Breeze, the sound of a steel drum band, the Goombay Smash with an umbrella in your hand.....

Freakin winter...ugh

trublubyu said...

you should take a vacay to az and work from the phx office. we're in the upper 80s here.