Sunday, December 7, 2008

Best Christmas Ever

My mom takes the cake for coolest moms. Sorry to all the runner ups. You just didn't cut it. Bear in mind, she's the one who had to listen to me talk ALL DAY. She's the one who had to deal with me when I did nerdy stuff that should have embarrassed me and probably embarrassed her. She's the one who also thought of the coolest Christmas gift I've ever received.

One year, I woke up to find a special surprise hung up with my stocking. It looked like a necklace with a bunch of bells on it.

At first I was confused, but then my mom pointed me to the note Santa left behind. In the letter, Santa said I had been such a good boy this year that he decided to give me something extra special.

He told me that the necklace was actually the bells from around Rudolph's neck. I couldn't believe it. I wore them everywhere I went for the rest of the break. I think I even wore them to school. To really appreciate how annoying this must have been for everyone else, you need to hear how loud the big bell is in the middle.

It's like a fog horn.

Editor's Note: This is the ACTUAL picture of Rudolph's Bells (Please don't die of shock that I actually remembered to take a real picture)

Anyway, I still have them, and I love remembering how I felt when I got them.


missgarrett said...

One of my most favorite Christmas presents was a bell from Santa's sleigh as well. Mine came in a little box just like the one in the story Polar Express (my all time favorite Christmas book). I thought it was so cool that I got a bell from Santa's sleigh just like the boy in the book. Great childhood Christmas memories.

trublubyu said...

moms are awesome. they make magic happen.