Thursday, December 11, 2008


I need a dream interpreter. Whenever people talk about their dreams, it always involves something wacky or surreal.

If other people's dreams are Jim Carrey, then my dreams are Ben Stein. Usually I can't even remember mine, but when I do, it is always about something mundane, like vacuuming or cutting my toenails.

In high school, this was a real problem because I was a morning person and liked to get up early to finish my homework rather than stay up all night trying to work with a sleepy brain. Inevitably, I would have a vivid dream about finishing the homework and wake up the next day confused as to why my alarm was set so early. Then, I'd get to school, open up my binder and realize my homework was only half done. Try explaining THAT to a teacher. It's even worse than, "My dog ate it."


Rachel said...

Tell me your dreams. I've got a knack for interpreting...though a dream about doing your homework mostly just shows that is what you were thinking about in your sleep!

Anonymous said...

I would wake up at 2 or 3 and get in the shower and all ready for school before I realized what time it really was. I would dream that my alarm went off and then I would actually wake myself up. Crazy. My mom had many nights of trying to reason with me that it really wasn't time to go to school. Sometimes it would take 10-15 mins before I caught on. Was I really that anxious to go to school?

trublubyu said...

when the alarm clock goes off in the morning and the snooze button is pushed and i fall back to sleep, i often dream that i am getting up and showering and doing my hair. when the alarm goes off 10 mins. later, i experience that confusion of which you speak.