Tuesday, December 2, 2008

To all the kids out there

When your mom takes you shopping for new school clothes, don't insist on wearing them home. As cool as you may think that psychedelic shirt and plum colored shorts are, just leave them in the bag.

Also, when you get home, don't immediately go running outside to play with your friend. If one of you gets the brilliant idea to make a giant mud puddle with the hose, be the older person and walk away.

And whatever you do ... don't plaster a mud pie directly on the front of your shirt. The stain won't fully come out and you'll ruin your school clothes.

Note: the kid in the picture is not me, but this is pretty much exactly what I looked like that fateful day.


Rachel said...

This post brings up an important point: where are all the photos of your childhood that coincide with the stories?!?!

p.s. yes, definitely the best part of that other story is that I thought the St. Louis Arch was a rock. And then when we drove into town and saw the real arch I said "ohhh..." and everyone questioned my outburst and I explained and they judged me. :)

trublubyu said...

good advice. i will read this as a bedtime story to my kiddos tonight.

Hane-nahMarie said...

I was really hoping that this was you, but the story is still a treasure.