Monday, December 22, 2008

I hate shopping

I really do hate shopping. Specifically clothes shopping. I learned a while ago, that given my current physique, I will never be able to just wander into a store and buy a pair of pants. They just don't make them in my size. If I don't want to look like I'm waiting for a flood, I have to buy 30x36. I defy any of you to find that size in ANY store. As it is, I have to go online and have them shipped. So, not only are they never on sale, but I also have to pay for them to be delivered.

I try not to feel all jealous when I hear about someone finding a pair of pants for $10 because there is nothing I would like more than cheap pants. Oh well. Some day, I'll have a gut, and maybe I'll finally be able to find my size in a big and tall store. Until then, I have Lands' End bookmarked as a favorite.

Do you think they'd have these in my size?

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